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PI Portal issues related to the Workday migration
Posted by Jody Austin on 16 February 2021 12:40 PM

The following are known PI Portal issues related to the Workday migration. Last updated: April 7, 2023



  • Cost-share Tuition and fees are missing in certain past periods from FY 21 and 22.



Award/Documents: (Resolved 6/24/2021)

  • Some attachments coming from Workday are not showing. 

Award/Financials: (Resolved 3/26/2021)

  • Check images are not yet available

Award/Grants: (Resolved 3/8/2021)

  • Total amounts may not be accurate as we work on correcting the Life to Date financial amounts for grants.

Grant/Commitments: (Resolved 10/13/2021)

Grant/Documents: (Resolved 11/8/2021)

  • A revised version of the Workday report Award expenditures on Journal Lines’ will be used as an alternative to eMEFS.

Grant/Expenditures: (Resolved 4/7/2023)

  • Unrecovered F&A is not showing in Cost-share F&A expenses.  (Resolved 4/7/2023)
  • Expenditure data is missing for non-OSP grants. (Resolved 4/27/2022)
  • Expenditure data for the period from January to August 2021 may not be correct if purchases included capital equipment.  (Resolved 12/10/2021)

Grants/Financial Rollup: (Resolved 4/5/2022)

  • Some Payroll expenses are missing from the converted Financials data in January 2021. (Resolved 4/5/2022)
  • Some Sponsor and Cost-share F&A expenses are missing from the Monthly Financials overview from January till December 2021.(Resolved 4/5/2022)
  • F&A Commitments on Subawards with a value greater than zero may be incorrect for roughly 200 grants. (Resolved 11/3/2021)
  • Fund ‘FD830 Investment in Plant Fund’ has been counted as a cost-share expense and needs to be ignored. (Resolved 7/22/2021)
  • Total Expended and Committed amounts are not counting the following 2 Object classes: 4000 Tuition and Fees and 4100 Trainee/Fellow Tuition (Resolved 5/19/2021)
  • Third Party costs are not getting displayed. (Resolved 5/11/2021)
  • Some Object classes are incorrectly showing $0 expense amount which do not have budgeted amount setup in the award plan line. (Resolved 4/9/2021)
  • Incomplete converted Expense data (from PeopleSoft) is causing lower/incorrect amounts across all Object classes. (Resolved 3/31/2021)
  • Amounts may not be accurate as we work on correcting the Life to Date financial amounts for grants. (Resolved 3/8/2021)
  • F&A Committed amount is not available. (Resolved 3/4/2021)
    • Committed amounts by Object Class and total line amounts were re-calculated and re-posted for January and February 2021.


  • ‘Forward Accrual’ journal source payroll data is missing from August till December 2022. (Resolved 2/9/2023)
  • Due to calculation based on benefit rates, certain Fringe benefits for PAA type expenses may be wrong. (Resolved 11/30/22)
  • Tuition and Fee encumbrances are not showing in the payroll detail and the Financial Summary overview page. (Resolved 10/5/2021)
  • Fringe benefits are not showing for accounts like ‘50600:Supplemental Pay Not Subject to Retirement Salaries’ when they are tied to object class ‘8000 Unallocated’. (Resolved 5/27/2021)
  • Supplemental and student pay under ‘8000 Unallocated’ Object class are not getting displayed. (Resolved 4/21/2021)
  • Tuition and Fees expenses are currently showing under 'Expenditure view which needs to be moved to the 'Payroll' view. (Resolved 3/15/2021)

Grant/At a Glance: (Resolved 12/9/2021)

  • When F&A exception is defined, F&A Rate values are incorrect as its still showing the values defined in the F&A Rate Agreement.

Report an Issue

To report additional issues, email with the following information:

  1. Action you were performing
  2. Issue you encountered or error message
  3. A screenshot of the error message and/or the PI Portal page where you are experiencing the issue.
  4. If applicable, a screenshot of results in Workday.

We thank you for your feedback and appreciate your patience while we work with the Workday support team to address these issues.

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