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PI Portal issues related to the Workday migration
Posted by Jody Austin on 16 February 2021 12:40 PM

Updated:  October 18, 2021

The following are known PI Portal issues related to the Workday migration: 



- Expenditure data is off due to issues related to Capital Equipment (NewsLink article -

Grants/Financial Rollup:

- F&A Commitments on Subawards with a value greater than zero may be incorrect for roughly 200 grants.


- Development of Month-end financial statements (eMEFS) has been temporarily put on hold. We're looking into Workday alternatives till eMEFS becomes available.



Award/Documents: (Resolved 6/24/21)

- Some attachments coming from Workday are not showing. 

Award/Financials: (Resolved 3/26/21)

- Check images are not yet available

Award/Grants: (Resolved 3/8/21)

- Total amounts may not be accurate as we work on correcting the Life to Date financial amounts for grants.

Grants/Financial Rollup: 

- Fund ‘FD830 Investment in Plant Fund’ has been counted as a cost-share expense and needs to be ignored. (Resolved 7/22)

- Total Expended and Committed amounts are not counting the following 2 Object classes:   4000 Tuition and Fees and 4100 Trainee/Fellow Tuition (Resolved 5/19)

- Third Party costs are not getting displayed. (Resolved 5/11)

- Some Object classes are incorrectly showing $0 expense amount which do not have budgeted amount setup in the award plan line.  (resolved 4/9)

- Incomplete converted Expense data (from PeopleSoft) is causing lower/incorrect amounts across all Object classes. (resolved 3/31)

- Amounts may not be accurate as we work on correcting the Life to Date financial amounts for grants. (Resolved 3/8)

- F&A Committed amount is not available. (resolved 3/4)

  •    Committed amounts by Object Class and total line amounts were re-calculated and re-posted for January and February 2021.

Grant/Commitments: (Resolved 10/13/21)

- Since July 1st, commitment data has been missing or incorrect for over 1000 grants. This is related to processes in Workday that did not roll forward open Purchase Orders to the new fiscal year. (Newslink article -

Grant/Payroll:  (Resolved 10/5/21)

- Tuition and Fee encumbrances are not showing in the payroll detail and the Financial Summary overview page. (resolved 10/5)

- Fringe benefits are not showing for accounts like ‘50600:Supplemental Pay Not Subject to Retirement Salaries’ when they are tied to object class ‘8000 Unallocated’.  (Resolved 5/27)

-  Supplemental and student pay under ‘8000 Unallocated’ Object class are not getting displayed. (resolved 4/21)

- Tuition and Fees expenses are currently showing under 'Expenditure view which needs to be moved to the 'Payroll' view. (Resolved 3/15)


To report additional issues, please email with the following information:

     1) Action you were performing

     2) Issue you encountered or error message

     3) A screenshot of the error message and/or the PI Portal page where you are experiencing the issue.

     4) If applicable, a screenshot of results in Workday.


We thank you for your feedback and appreciate your patience while we work with the Workday support team to address these issues.


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