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1.Click the add person icon 2.Select Create a New Group 3."New Group" will appear at the bottom of your Groups List. 4. Right Click to Rename, Delete, or Move the New Group.
HOW TO MANAGE WINDOWS SOUND OPTIONS USING SETTINGS To set your default output speaker, adjust the master volume, and fix common sound problems, do the following: * Open SETTINGS. * Click on SYSTEM. * Click on SOUND. The Sound page includes two s...
Logging into Skype for Business *Type your OSU email address *Type your current OSU password *Click Sign In button
Adding a Contact [] Adding a Contact (Mac) [
Detailed information on Skype for Business features and options is available at []
1. Click on phone number pad icon. 2. Right click on cassette tape icon. 3. Select option and follow prompts over the phone.
1. Select contact (double click) to open IM 2. Click computer screen icon 3. Select Present Desktop 4. Chose which monitors to share
Skype Conference Phone Tips - Make sure your Skype contact list is up to date before using the conference phone. - The conference phone takes extra time to sync after logging in. - Remember to Log Out when done.
Set Call Forwarding options in Skype for Business [] Call forwarding and simultaneously ring [
Schedule an Online Meeting in Outlook [] Schedule an Online Meeting in Outlook (Mac) [

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