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* Create your signature per OSU's Signature Standards: [] * In Outlook go to File - Options - Mail * Under the "Compose Message" section look for "Create or modify signatur...
* In Outlook click the "View" tab * Under the Layout section, click "To-Do Bar" * Make selection(s)
1. In Outlook, open a new email message. Click Options. 2. Make selection Note: From and BCC will appear on all future email messages until you use the above steps to change it.
* In Outlook, click the "File" tab. (This can also be done in Word or Excel. Open a document or spreadsheet first then click on the "File" tab) * Select "Options" * On the General tab select Office Theme (towards end of list) * Make selection (cho...
* In Outlook click the "View" tab * Under the Layout section, click "Reading Pane" * Make Selection
* In Outlook, click on the "View" tab 2. Click "View Settings" (upper left) 3. Select "Conditional Formatting" 4. Uncheck all boxes except for "Unread Messages" 5. Click the "Font" button 6. Change the font size and/or color 7. Click OK...
* File - Options - Advanced * Under Outlook Panes, click "Reading Pane" * Make Selection * Click OK when done
* In Outlook, go to File then Automatic Replies * Select "Send automatic replies" * Optional: specify a time range * Type in response for both Inside and Outside. * Click OK when done
TURN AN ADD-IN OFF FOR OUTLOOK FOR WINDOWS Applies To: Outlook for Office 365 Outlook 2016 Outlook 2013 If you don't want to use an add-in in Outlook 2013 or Outlook 2016 for Windows, you can disable it so it won't show up in your messages. * I...

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