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e-Protocol Animal Transfers
Posted by Marne Weinberger on 08 September 2022 10:59 AM

Create Animal Order/Transfer

Log-in to the applicable protocol in e-Protocol system and click on the “Create Animal Order/Transfer,” then select the “Transfer Animals” option. You will then have 3 choices of transfer types: (different protocol, different account, or different location)

  1. To another Protocol (Protocol to Protocol Transfer) Transfer
    Requests must be initiated from the protocol workspace of the protocol animals are currently assigned to. The receiving (“To”) PI is then selected. (Do not choose a study team member) The receiving PI will get an email alerting them to the transfer and prompting them to complete the transfer (i.e. confirm the receiving protocol, provide account numbers if the original account will not be used, identify a new housing location, and request transportation if applicable)
    1. ULAR staff are responsible for updating the cage cards when the cages remain in place. See page 2 for instructions when cages move locations.
  2. To another Per Diem Account (Funds Transfer)
    Select the group(s) for which you wish to change funding information. Note that if the “back-dating” option is selected, the entire group will transfer to the new account. If you only want to select a subset of the group, you cannot backdate to the first of the month, rather in the next screen, you will choose the number of cages involved and the new fund and account information.
    1. The research team is responsible for updating the cage cards to reflect the new account i nformation. Labels with the new account information can be used, especially if there are large numbers to be transferred.
  3. Transfer Animals to Another ULAR Facility or Room (Location Transfer)
    Select the group you want to transfer to a new location. (You must select the correct combination of location and account) In the next screen, you will choose the number of cages and provide the new housing location.

Check Transfer Status

The status of transfers can be checked at any time under the Animal Orders and Transfers tab.

Movement of Cages Related to Animal Transfer Requests

ULAR To-Move
When a transfer requests ULAR to move cages, they must be clearly identified by the lab and the identification method +/- barcodes noted in the transfer request comment box.

Examples of identification methods to designate the cages to be moved include the use of a clear acetate with a label “transfer to Postle Hall 89d” or “transfer to Dr. XXXXX 2010A00023” or a post-it note at the cage level.

Protocol transfer with PI Movement of cages
The research team must provide the cage card bar codes (see blue circle below) in the e-Protocol transfer request in order for the transfer to be finalized.

The research team must (in order):

  1. Verify the transfer has been approved in eProtocol
  2. Physically move the cages
    1. Update the cage cards New label with receiving PI information
    2. Cross off outdated information (previous PI/ protocol) when applicable

NOTE: The original barcode sticker and tree card must stay on the front of the cage, DO NOT create a new tree card

Creating New Stickers

Neatly write or print the new PI name (“To”), protocol number, account number, and lab contact on white labels (e.g. 1 in x 2 5/8 in - Avery 5168) • Be sure not to cover the bar code on the cage card.

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