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How to Create a Requisition in Workday that will be used in FOM
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Create a Non-Catalog Requisition: FOM

In order to create a requisition for FOM you must have permissions in Workday to do so.
Faculty, Staff and Student employees can, but undergrads who are not employees on the University are unable to do so. Additionally, once your requsition has been approved in Workday you need to manually add it to FOM. This final step is outlined at the bottom of this KB.

Note: Non-catalog requisitions are a way to request goods or service not found in Buckeye Buy (formerly eStores).

  1. Using the Request Travel or Purchase Application, select to Request to procure goods and or services link, or search for and select the Create Requisition task from the search bar.
  2. Confirm the information on the Create Requisition page:
    1. Confirm the information for the Deliver-To and Ship-To fields to ensure your requisition is sent to the correct destination. Click “OK” when finished. (The Deliver-To and Ship-To fields are linked and will provide logical selections). The Cost Center in this instance is who will be paying for these services.

      You will see funding automatically defaults. However, you need to change the funding to reflect the correct funding you want to use. If you are not sure what funding to use, please reach out to your fiscal contacts for that information or use  if you using a legacy PeopleSoft account.

      The Requester in Workday MUST match the user who is putting the requisition into FOM. Additionally, requisitions cannot be shared between users, are locked to the facility/supplier (as defined in Workday) and can only be used by the requester (as defined in Workday)

      Note For Lab Managers – Sometimes it’s easier if one person creates all the requisitions for the lab instead of the individual members and this is supported in Workday! In this situation, the lab manager (or whomever is designated) can create requisitions for the other lab members by changing the requester in Workday to match who will actually be using the requisition in FOM. Also please note, that visiting scholars are listed as “Contingent” in Workday and can have requisitions. Their names have a “C” noted in Workday to designate their contingent status. In order to see who can and can’t have requestions in Workday, an easy check is to see if their name populates as the requester in Workday. If it doesn’t, then they do not have permissions in Workday and cannot directly schedule time in FOM. Undergraduates who not employed by the university cannot have requisitions, while those who are employed can. FOM doesn’t decide who can and can’t have requisitions – that is decided by Workday.

    2. Add a Requisition Type to your request. 
      1. Requisition Types help correctly route your requisition for approval.  Users will most often choose between Buckeye Buy or Non-Catalog. For FOM services, select “Request Non-Catalog Items

  3. For Non-Catalog Request Type for FOM, select the “Request Service” radio button. 

    1. Fill in the description (a description of the project in your own words). (EX: Various research procedures to be completed on the Fusion Orbitrap). 
    2. Fill in the Spend Category: USE SC99999 (“Office Use Only – Do Not Change”).
    3. Fill in the supplier:  This is required for FOM requisitions (EX: CCIC ….). The supplier must match of the name of the facility in FOM you wish to use. If the correct supplier isn’t used, then you won’t be able to use the requisition in FOM. Make sure to only select ONE supplier from the dropdown list - choosing more will block the entire requsition from being used in FOM UPDATE 04/08/2021 - FOM now supports multiple suppliers per requistion!

      Note - Do not select “Microscopy Shared Resource” (MSR) for CMIF or “Proteomics Shared Resource” (PSR) for CCIC MSP, instead use supplier “CMIF - Campus Microscopy Imaging Facility” for Microscopy Shared Resource and “CCIC - Mass Spec and Proteomics Facility  (MSP)” Proteomics Shared Resource.

      See below for the list of suppliers in FOM

      CCIC - Mass Spec and Proteomics Facility (MSP)
      CCIC - Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR)
      CMIF - Campus Microscopy Imaging Facility
      CEMAS - Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis
      CBC Analytical Spectroscopy Lab
      CBC Biophysical Interaction & Characterization Facility
      CBC Center for Chemical & Biophysical Dynamics
      CBC Mass Spectroscopy Facility
      CBC NMR Facility
      CBC Surface Analysis Facility
      CBC X-Ray Crystallography Lab
      CBC Polymer Synthesis Research Facility
      Food Science & Tech(FST) Lab Equip/Train 

      Not sure what supplier to use? Contact

    4. In the extended amount field, you will want to fill in the $ amount you want for your requisition. *Please note that the expense limit cannot be changed in Workday after it has been finalized. For example, if you need your limit to be increased, a new requisition will need to be created for the additional amount for you to continue your research. 

      You are only billed for what you use per month - not the full amount of the requisition. So if you plan on using an instrument or facility for a long time, choose a dollar amount that could cover this usage. If you have encumbered funds on requisitions you no longer plan on using, please reach out to your service center to close these. If you're unsure of who your service center contacts are, your fiscal contacts would be able to provide that information.

  4. Once all information is entered, click the orange Add to Cart button to move forward with the request. (To access your cart, select the cart icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen).
  5. When your request is ready, review your cart for completeness and select the Checkout button.


  1. Review the information on the Checkout page and update it as needed.
  2. Review the Shipping Address section (your campus location).
  3. Review the Requisition Information section.
    1. University Users - Complete the Internal Memo field, by stating the business purpose of the work.
  4. Review the Goods and Services lines.
    1. These lines should contain the broad details of the service(s) you have selected for purchase (your actual science details will still go on your FOM submission form).
    2. Scroll right to review all of the information.
    3. Change Worktags as needed.
  5. Review the Attachments section. Select the Submit button. After this step, your request is complete! 
    1. Attachments are not required. (Attachments are, however, a great way to add information you may want to stay with the transaction to help in its financial review and approval. For example, attach a quote if a quote has been provided; an attached quote is not needed for standard services within posted billing structures.)
    2. To add an attachment:
      1. Select the Select files button.
      2. Choose your file on your PC.
      3. Select Open.
      4. Leave a comment describing the attachment.
  6. Select the Submit button. After this step, your request is complete! 

*Please note that in FOM, a requisition isn’t tied to a specific reservation, service request or date range. If you would like to submit a blanket requisition that can cover a larger time period, simply submit a requisition that has an amount large enough that it  could cover month(s) of usage* 

Addding the requsition to FOM - must be manually done before you can use the requisition

  1. Go to
  2. After clicking on "click here to continue" link on the welcome page, you will now be in FOM homepage
  3. Choose "My Accounts" link on the left-hand side towards the bottom
  4. Use the form and put in the requistion created in the process above and click on the "add this account" button
    1. As long as the requisition his completed it's workflow in Workday (fully approved) it will be immediatly be available for use
    2. Otherwise you will get an error message and won't be able to add it
    3. If successful, you will then receive a pop-up confirmation
  5. You've succesfully added your requisition to FOM!

 fomreq-01.png (7.81 KB)
 fomreq-02.png (16.89 KB)
 fomreq-04.png (14.91 KB)
 fomreq-05.png (6.61 KB)
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 fomreq-08.png (13.05 KB)
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