VITAL-Ops App Setup
Posted by Matthew Reynolds on 01 May 2020 12:22 PM

UPDATE: Filemaker Go 18 has been removed from the App Store. Starting July 14, 2021, all new iPads will have the new FileMaker Go 19 app installed. Functionality is the same, the icon just has a new look.


NOTE: If you had your iPad configured with the previous VITAL-Ops address,, please refer to the video below to reconfigure your iPad:

Simply swipe left on the VITAL Ops host in the left hand menu, then tap Edit.


For new iPads or those configuring the app for the first time:

To set up the VITAL-Ops App, you must first configure the Filemaker Go app to allow you to log in. Follow the steps below to configure your Filemaker Go app to access the ULAR Tasks application:


  1. Open Filemaker Go 19 on your iPad. If you do not have the app, please install it from the Self Service app.

  2. Tap Hosts at the bottom right of the screen

  3. Tap the "+" symbol at the top left of your screen

  4. For the Host Address, enter the following:

  5. For the Host Name, enter something along the lines of "VITAL– Ops"

  6. Tap "Save"

  7. Tap the blue "Vital – Ops" icon that appears on the right of your screen after "Save" is tapped

  8. When prompted, enter the provided credentials as the Account Name and Password. These are different from your PIN in the tasks app itself. (Request the credentials via an email to

    Username: admin

    Password: UL4r0ps!2020

  9. Once the app loads, select your name from the list. For the PIN numbers:

    1. If your dot number is one digit (.2), you repeat that digit four times (2222).
    2. If it’s two digits (.23), you repeat the two digits twice (2323).
    3. If it’s three digits (.235), you repeat the last digit twice (2355).
    4. If it’s four digits or more (.2358), you use the first four digits (2358)

  10. After logging in, you will be brought to the main page

See the video below for a visual aid for the app configuration:

 rpreplay_final1588348775.mp4 (16.35 MB)
 rpreplay_final1597066507.mp4 (8.74 MB)
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