For some individuals, having a shared mailbox set up in a secondary profile affords more control over the inbox. Situations such as mail merges, OOO management, and Rules are examples where this can be useful. Please note: Full access to the mailbox is required for this application, and you must use Outlook 2016 (PC), 2016 (Mac), or Outlook Web Access (OWA).

  1. With Outlook closed, go to the Windows menu and click All apps

Windows 10 menu

  1. Choose “Windows System” from the applications list and then choose “Control Panel”

Windows 10 control panel dialog box

  1. Click “Category: next to “View by:” and choose “Small icons”
  2. Select Mail
  3. Click on Show Profiles… to show the list of Outlook mail profiles

  1. Click Add… to start the process of setting up a new profile
  2. Name the profile with a description of the mailbox you want to open
  3. Click OK
  4. Type the name and email address of the mailbox you wish to add in the “Your Name:” and “Email Address:” Fields
    1. Leave the password fields blank

  5. Click Next>
  6. If prompted, check the box and click Allow for server configuration
  7. If prompted to allow a security certificate, click Yes
  8. Outlook will configure the mailbox, and once successful will give you a list of three check marks
  9. Once complete, you will see the additional profile listed in the Profiles window
  10. Next, select the radio button for “Prompt for a profile to be used”
    1. If you instead wish to always open the secondary mailbox by default in Outlook, select “Always use this profile”
  11. Launch Outlook and select the secondary mailbox in the “Choose Profile” prompt
  12. Once Outlook opens, confirm the configuration and send a test message to confirm everything is working